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A legacy of growing opportunities.


About the Neely Foundation

The Neely Foundation funds a broad spectrum of programs in the Phoenix East Valley. Grants support cultural and fine arts associations as well as social service agencies, education and leadership groups, health services, and welfare organizations. Scholarships are awarded to students attending Arizona’s major universities and community colleges.

The Neelys were farmers, and they prospered. Their harvest continues as the Foundation improves and enriches the lives of Arizona’s citizens.

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Causes We Advance

A wide range of organizations receive grants from the Foundation including museums, food banks, medical clinics, summer camps, choirs, homeless shelters, youth leadership programs, Christian ministries, agricultural groups, and many more.


About Otto and Edna Neely

Otto B. Neely was born in West Texas in 1900. He came to Gilbert, Arizona as a youth with his family and began his lifetime vocation of farming. In 1928, Otto married the love of his life Edna Trout who worked as a teacher. The couple had no children of their own, but were known and loved by all. They became “Aunt Edna” and “Uncle Otto” to generations of Arizonans.

Otto and Edna’s lives were built on service to their community. They were committed to their beliefs of hard work, frugal living, Christian principles, and caring for people—especially those in need.

As they prospered, Otto and Edna shared their good fortune. Generous donations provided essentials for daily living including food, a warm bed, and a safe place for children to live and flourish. Scholarships helped young adults obtain an education. The ill, infirmed, or those who needed a helping hand were given assistance in a myriad of ways.

Otto died in 1987 and Edna in 1993. Their care for neighbors in need as well as their commitment to their community continue today through the Otto & Edna Neely Foundation.

Our Impact

"The Neely Foundation helped me achieve my dream of being the first child in my family to attend college." J. Esparsa

Board of Directors

The Neely Foundation is governed by a seven-person Board of Directors who approve all grants, oversee the Foundation’s investments, and manage its budget. The Directors are deeply committed to carrying on the legacy of Otto and Edna Neely.

Cliff Saylor


Greg Bamford


Steve Todd

Vice President

Walter Delecki

Vice President

John Gemmill


Shelley Nelson


Ashley Trussell


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